Serial 2.0.2

System requirements Serial 2.0.2

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Serial 2.0.2

Serial 2.0.2 is a modern terminal emulator that will be useful for engineers and system administrators to work effectively with servers, network equipment and hardware. The serial interface makes it easy to connect your Mac to just about anything via a serial port, including routers, switches, PBXs, embedded devices, and more.

More about the program

For system administrators, the program supports all the important sequences and interrupts needed to connect and manage routers and switches. Also includes a fully featured terminal emulator for working with networking equipment and Unix programs, including the text editors VI and Emacs. Engineers will appreciate the built-in Serial 2.0.2 support for embedded devices including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and thousands more. Serial includes several useful features for working with these devices, the ability to reset the Arduino, and a USB connection to the BeagleBone. Finally, the program supports the most common USB adapters without the need to install drivers or additional software.


Supports hundreds of RS-232 and RS-485 USB adapters
The program supports Bluetooth devices with Serial interface
Supports USB Communication Device Class (CDC) devices
Full featured Xterm, Linux, and VT100 terminal emulator
Works without drivers required for many common devices
Support for XMODEM and YMODEM file transfers
Line-buffered transmission mode with command history
Support for international encodings including UTF-8, KIO8-R, and many others

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