Sentinels of Freedom

System requirements Sentinels of Freedom:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.2GHz or better
Video Card: 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 6 GB



Sentinels of Freedom

Heroes recently need support that will allow them to be confident in their actions, achieve good results and build fame. Therefore, so that you do not lose time and can help the new-made heroes, it will be enough for you to play the new adventure Sentinels of Freedom, where you will need to manage a whole squad of heroes who intend to save the world and repulse evil. But what exactly should they start with, they do not know. We need a professional curator who will help not only pass the tests, but also engage in their personal growth. If you are ready to take on such responsibility, then we will gladly give you such an opportunity. We want to warn you right away that it will be extremely difficult to realize all potential.

More about the game

Who would have thought that there could be so many heroes. Each of them has unique abilities that will help you perform certain tasks. True, at first they will not have such power, they have to accumulate experience and try to achieve a good result. You have to monitor their development, make important decisions and regulate their development tree so that they learn exactly those skills that can help them consolidate the title of hero. It would be easy if you had to lead one hero, but you will have a whole group of characters, which will have to be closely monitored. And the first step should be the opportunity to use the chance to download Sentinels of Freedom through torrent to PC for free.

Tactical leadership

Another interesting point of this adventure will be that in the game you have to tactically control your heroes. For example, at first you have to choose a limited number of available heroes, then study their features and try to use them correctly and do not forget to combine the features of different heroes. We are confident that such an approach will allow you to achieve a favorable result and enjoy the ongoing process without any problems. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the games and download the Sentinels of Freedom torrent on your PC as soon as possible.

Game features

Now the city and humanity will gain new heroes who will actively fight evil and coordinate their actions. The time has come for you to become the curator of all the heroes and try to achieve a good result in your adventure, which will definitely not upset you. We wish you good luck and all the best!

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