Seeds of Resilience

System requirements Seeds of Resilience:

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Intel core 2 duo or better
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 5500 or better
Disk Space: 300 MB



Seeds of Resilience

Abandoned islands, abundance of resources and their own superiority. What can be done with all these areas? It’s pretty simple, just find some free time and you can create a settlement for people. But are you ready for such trials? Do you have a chance to succeed? To do this, it will be enough just to take the opportunity to download Seeds of Resilience – an adventure where you will personally guide the settlement of a desert island. It is not needed by anyone, and we highly recommend you to use all available tools to create housing, technology and provide your settlers with everything you need. True, you should not relax much, because in addition to the main problems you will also find a dangerous element of nature.

The first thing you have to remove all unnecessary from the island and improve the soil. We cut down trees, collect stones, level the landscape. Next, you should build the first dwellings, try to properly use the resources extracted and think about the extraction of food. You can engage in fishing, try to plant a variety of products, what to speak about hunting and raising your pets. Do not forget about special technologies that will help facilitate your existence. For example, you need to make an ordinary mill, it can serve as an engine, if you create a water mill, you will have energy. Use all these possibilities wisely and success will not keep you waiting long.

As for the dangers, the most terrible are natural phenomena that will completely and completely destroy your achievements. There may be a tornado, a tsunami begins, or even an ice age. You need to take all this into account, try to effectively use all available directions and just enjoy the process. Yes, sometimes it will seem that it is impossible to get out of a difficult situation, but if you carefully study everything and consider a survival strategy, your settlement will survive. We wish you success!



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