Security Agency Simulator


System requirements Security Agency Simulator

OS: Windows 7
Processor: intel core i3
RAM: 4 GB of RAM


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Security Agency Simulator

Would you like to become the hero guard of an exciting action packed action movie and complete many interesting missions? Fight the most notorious and unprincipled villains, killers, scammers and criminals, you just need to download Security Agency Simulator on your PC. The dynamic game takes place within the prison, and the plot begins with unremarkable daily events. Which suddenly begin to develop in an unplanned way. The prisoners are meticulously drawn and are a bunch of hideous pigs. The main task of which is to humiliate the guards and the desire to take over the entire system. It will not be easy to show them their place and keep them in check, and one fine day, the patience of the overseers runs out.

More about the game

After another riot, at the cost of your own life, you need to find, catch and return the prisoners. And from that moment on, the game becomes as exciting, energetic and dynamic as possible. Bloody battles are taking place here, everything is burning everywhere, the prison is crumbling. Whether it will be completely and without return destroyed, whether the outside world will be in danger, depends only on the player.

Game features

The hero of Security Agency Simulator has a rich arsenal of weapons at his fingertips. He must do everything not to protect himself and the whole world from rapists and murderers. The basic set of tools also includes a traditional club and fists. Which the guard masterfully owns. However, this is not the only skill of the player – he can enter into negotiations with escaped criminals. By the power of your word to persuade. Whatever happens: a scuffle in the dining room, a massacre in workshops, fires. A real hero can easily cope with this, because he is a true master who can pacify even the most inveterate and cruel rapists and murderers.

If you want to always be in good shape and test yourself in difficult critical situations, you just need to download the Security Agency Simulator torrent on your PC and start acting. A lot of good mood and pleasure is guaranteed.

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