Second Extinction

System requirements Second Extinction

OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1070GB or AMD Vega 56 8GB
Disk Space: 50 GB



Second Extinction

It is time to take control of the situation and make every effort to achieve a victorious result, using new abilities. This time in the game Second Extinction you will have the opportunity to visit their home planet. For a long period of time it was completely uninhabited and the dinosaurs became the reason for this. They not only revived, but also evolved at the same time, and seized dominance.

More about the game

Therefore, people had absolutely no chance of survival. Now dinosaurs are everywhere and only you and your squad of brave men can go to the source of salvation. However, the success of the whole business depends on team actions, willingness to take risks and modernize. Therefore, if you are already ready for action, you first need to go to our online resource and download the Second Extinction torrent there.

Monster invasion

A shooter with multiplayer mode Second Extinction will enable each gamer to cooperate with the other participants (at the same time in the game there can be up to three people) and together go on a fascinating adventure into the world of dinosaurs. Your advantage in the battle with these giants will be the speed of reaction and a huge arsenal of weapons. Of great importance is also the tactical scheme of the entire team and the willingness to fight to the end. Your opponents will try to use their potential as efficiently as possible, starting from a numerical advantage, ending with gigantic sizes. Particularly difficult opponents will also come across, which will be very difficult to destroy. Therefore, you should not lose concentration and begin to act actively from the first minutes of the game process. So you can not only achieve a favorable result, but also stay alive.

Survivor gets everything

Based on the fact that a squad of brave men constantly endangers their lives, everything that they gained along the way, including technology and a large number of treasures, will belong to them. This will be the basis for development and readiness to make forays again. We have no doubt that you will be happy with such an award, because it will allow your team to significantly change in quality terms. The main thing is to be careful and constantly go into very dangerous locations. Because it is there that the greatest and most valuable treasures are concentrated. And now you need to download Second Extinction torrent on our games portal for free.

Well, you are fully equipped to conquer a new world in which you have to act at the maximum of your capabilities. You need to shoot accurately, help each other and just step by step approach the cherished goal. It is time to expel the huge lizards, who already feel quite at ease on this planet. But it will be very difficult and dangerous.

Game features

good visualization;
the presence of a large number of weapons;
high dynamism of battles;
an unexpected ending to the story;
powerful rivals.

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