System requirements Scivelation

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Also: Keyboard, mouse



The Scivelation project has a third-person shooter genre developed by a Ukrainian company. At the center of the game, the centerpiece is a secret organization. She seeks to conquer all of humanity, portrays Judgment Day. Thus, many believers believe that Jesus Christ died untimely. The new government sees how weak religious believers are and controls their destinies. The world is becoming a gloomy dystopia, where there are no prisons, correctional colonies, but there is Paradise and Hell.

More about the game

Paradise includes those who possess a lot of information and a person ascends into virtual heaven. There he experiences true pleasure. In hell, there are desperate rebels who do not accept the new power and therefore they are in mental disorders. Only average minds can walk through dirty cities and work. The player has two opposition members, who alternate with each other for seven episodes. Paths lead through Tokyo, London and many other world capitals. The project is special in that the gameplay combines various futuristic weapons, 20 bosses, high cinematography and the sounds of the orchestra.

Game features

Imagine that at one fine moment you moved to a totalitarian future, where a cruel ruler, who knows absolutely no mercy for the citizens of his state, rules. What will you do in this case, and what actions must be taken for a successful campaign. So the main character of the game Scivelation download torrent lives in such a terrible and fascinating world. Welcome to our planet in the 22nd century, which it could become under a certain set of circumstances.

Civilians do not even suspect that at one point they all became slaves to a system subordinate to the corrupt leaders of the organization. Fortunately, you have seen your sight, and now you see the whole essence of this terrible world, and therefore various state secret units will confront you. That is why it is necessary to bring all the people together in order to arrange a revolution and overthrow the unwanted. It will not be so easy, because at first no one trusts us. But gradually, small riots will develop into a real civil war, in which you have to take part. At the same time, players should also be pleased with a wide variety of long-range weapons.

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