Sally Face

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Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2 GHz
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Sally Face

As you know, a person is always evaluated by appearance, and only then by all other qualities. Therefore, it is not surprising that in most quests and role-playing games there is always a third-person view so that you can see the face of your character. But in the game Sally Face Episode 1-2, developed by Steve Gabri, this tradition is broken for well-founded reasons. The thing is that the protagonist of the game even in childhood had a serious injury, as a result of which his face was disfigured beyond recognition. Therefore, he never opens it, hiding under a whole mask or several layers of bandages. You can download Sally Face Episode 1-2 via torrent for free and find out what really happened to Sally in childhood and why he is forced to hide his face under a mask.

More about the game

Who is Sally, whose face has been disfigured since childhood? Despite the obviously girlish appearance, in particular long and beautiful hair, in fact, Sally is a boy. It’s just that he has long been accustomed to doing such a hairstyle for himself, especially after certain events. What is the reason for this, you can find out for yourself by hitting the bathroom. It is already on the fifth floor of the house, so just getting there will be quite difficult.

Sally’s behavior is the behavior of an ordinary average teenager, but seasoned with a special share of cynicism, since the boy has long been accustomed to the horror of others and their poorly hidden disgust from the sight of his face.

After the death of his mother, he stayed with his father – both of them are very hard, since they miss her. Sally finds solace in hard rock, but is still forced to regularly visit a psychologist so as not to get depressed. After they were forced to move to another area, Sally had to re-establish communication with her neighbors, which he was not too happy about, because it was hard for people to converge. What comes of this, you can find out for yourself by downloading Sally Face Episode 1-2 via torrent for free.


After moving Sally and his father to a new apartment, the boy goes to get acquainted with all the neighbors at the request of his father. The house has five floors and many apartments and, having passed them all, Sally realizes that he was in an unusual house – the neighbors told him that they had a real ghost. The thing is that not so long ago a brutal murder took place on the last fifth floor, after which the whole floor was sealed by the police and access is denied. But Sally has an indefatigable curiosity and therefore he decides to find out himself what really happened and what secrets lies in the mysterious fifth floor.

Sally Face Episode 1-2 is a first-person role-playing game with elements of detective, mysticism and horror. We recommend that players be very careful and not rush anywhere – even small details that you might not pay attention to in a hurry are very important, so you can miss some key detail.


The main thing that is worth downloading Sally Face Episode 1-2 via torrent is its atmospheric character. The game is literally crammed with tension, although at the first levels, everything is quite simple and straightforward. In fact, the game has a lot of secrets and mystics, and you and Sally will have to solve all these puzzles during the game, as well as investigate a mysterious crime and find out if the real ghost lives on the top floor or is it just idle speculation of the residents of the house .

On this page you can download the game Sally Face Episode 1-4 via torrent for free on PC.



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