Saints Row: The Third

System requirements Saints Row: The Third:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2
Video Card: GeForce 8800 Series, Radeon HD 3800 Series
Disk Space: 10 GB


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Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third – an action game with RPG elements created by Volition, Inc. In 2011. It is the third part of the popular PC action. Saints Row: The third will give control to the user gang “Saints”, located on the wave of power. His task will be to give a strong rebuff to the Syndicate and to bolster his power by running Saints Row: The Third. Wars between gangs will unfold in Stillport, which was once a huge business center, and has now become a city steeped in utopia. Having power over Stillport will be a doable task if the gamer applies tactics and acts prudently and coldly.

The group “Saints from Third Street” has been in control of Stillwater for many years. They even introduced their brand, having infiltrated each store with their own personalized sneakers, chocolate bars and energy drinks. However, this state of affairs did not appeal to the mighty criminal organization Syndicate, who did not want to observe the power of their opponents for free and decided to crush the Saints, demanding them to pay a large sum of money. The “Saints”, of course, refused and decided to fight for independence until the bitter end. The gamer will be able to simulate the situation as he pleases and make decisions that will radically change the “Saints” and, together with them, the whole city. From now on, Stillport is your city, and only your word is law.

The computer game Saints Row: The Third is a continuation of the famous third-person action game. It parodies the Grand Theft Auto franchise, as well as possible, because it itself is a big parody of the American way of life, because of this, it seems as if you have a real madness full of fun and dedication.

You have to dress up in all purple, because you play for representatives of the gang of saints, which operates in the territory of Stillport, a fictional town of the United States of America. They capture a huge territory of the city, but here the problems begin. Due to the fact that their gang has become a real franchise, which is advertised on television, their characters begin to occupy the highest positions in the city and automatically draw on their heads. You have to fight with other gangs who want to attack the main characters, because they are trying to destroy the city.

From the villains, you yourself will have to turn into heroes. The fact is that the main characters are threatened by such a large number of bandits that, against their background, they can be well-rounded up as heroes. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will have to deal with the most dangerous things that you can think of. Because in one of the missions, for example, you need to transport a tiger sitting in the back seat. If you drive too fast, he will begin to bite and scratch, which will negatively affect the hero.



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