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OS: Windows 7
Gamepad support: Partial


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Sable for PC, PS4 and XONE is an adventure game set on an alien planet. We play as a young girl who travels across a vast desert. The game’s creators are two debuting developers from the independent London-based studio Shedworks. The authors drew inspiration from various sources. The most important of these were games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus, studio Ghibli animated films, and French science fiction and fantasy comics, especially those created by Mobius.

More about the game

The action in the game Sable takes place on a distant planet. The protagonist of the game, Sable, is a young girl belonging to one of the nomadic tribes who constantly travels through the desert. The protagonist leaves his family behind and embarks on a lonely journey. Which for her is a ritual of transition into adulthood. She takes a levitating scooter with her to explore the desert on her own. A place that hides various ruins of long-forgotten civilizations and mysterious spaceship wrecks. On the way, she meets many strangers who knowingly or accidentally give her lessons in history, the nature of family, love and friendship, and the place of people in the world.

Game features

Sable is an exploratory adventure that presented the action from a third-person perspective. Players are free to explore a huge map dotted with buildings, ruins and rubble, where they find various surprises and secrets. Many of them contain riddles that require us to be discerning and interact with the environment. Our main means of transportation is a scooter floating in the air, thanks to which we quickly move between different places of interest to us, and also get to places inaccessible on foot. During the adventure, we will also meet other nomads who have different tasks or requests.

The graphic design of the game uses cel shading technique, which makes the game look similar to the already mentioned French comics and animation. The title also benefits from an organic color palette that adds an extra vibe to the title.

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