System requirements Rust:

OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 x64
Processor: 3.0 GHz
Video card: 2048 MB, with support for DirectX 11.0
Hard disk: 18 GB of free space
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: English

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The British independent company Facepunch is now developing many games, for example, fantastic tennis Deuce, but it devotes most of its time to its hit Rust. Recall that its first alpha version was released in December 2013, in June 2014 a second one appeared – reloaded. And if before in this servive were zombies, now they have evaporated. The creators believe that in addition to these creatures there are many dangers that threaten to take away life. First of all, among them are wild animals and even if not wild, but cruel people are other gamers. Yes, the game is completely multiplayer, so that fans of online games, we recommend downloading Rust torrent for the latest version from us.

Began the development of Rust with imitation. Once the game was the image and semblance of DayZ, as well as the influence of Minecraft was clearly traced in it. It cannot be said that the similarities completely disappeared, but now the project can be safely called unique. Looking back at the past, the creators say that they were impressed with the idea of ​​DayZ, but the time (they managed the early version in just 4 months) did not allow them to engage in detailed work on the landscape, that is, the creation of many buildings. As a result, the gamer himself is the creator of the area. Therefore, each server Rust – unique corner.

Rust 2016 – confirmation of the law of survival:

This law sounds very simple: the strongest survives. Someone will add that the smartest, the cleverest, etc. And this is also quite true. In the world of Rust, you need to manifest a set of vital qualities, otherwise predators such as bears and wolves, as well as people, will take away the last chance for salvation. Here, please remember the life lessons. What is required to do, hitting a harsh terrain? Search for food and resources. Characters Rust process wood, harvest, hunt game of different size.

It all starts with a simple, that is, first you need to learn how to make stone axes, and only then iron ones. By the way, since we are talking about metals, we note that the name of the game translates as “Rust”. This is a hint that nothing lasts forever, so the process of finding useful things goes on constantly. And these things can be put together to create something new. For crafting, schemes are used that need to be found or asked from other gamers. Do not want to share? You need to insist on your own! There is no room for softness here, and the ability to behave diplomatically is important – Rust focuses on creating factions.

Two options together or alone:

Someone prefers to be closer to society, someone loves maximum independence. The game allows you to try different options. The faction is a sort of tiny state that cares about housing and feeding its members. It is necessary to obey his rules, for example, to take part in raider campaigns. Under them means an attack on other factions, allowing to get food, to expand the territory. Another option of existence is nomadism. Lone players usually build houses somewhere far away in order to meet “guests” as seldom as possible. And in case of their arrival it is necessary to take care of the traps and the stockpile of weapons.

Let the zombies and disappeared, but plenty of hardship. In addition to people and toothed animals should be wary of radiation, high altitude, low temperature, deep water bodies, and in general all the mysterious. Yes, traveling around this world, it would be nice to get maps, but they rarely come across, so in most cases you will have to rely on your personal orientation. Thus, it turned out an excellent servayval project, in many respects the reference one. More precisely, it still turns out, because until the final release, it’s probably still a long way off. However, it is necessary for everyone to download the Rust torrent, because the alpha version gives a lot of positive emotions, which is also promoted by graphics based on Unity 5 – the painted cruel world is extremely picturesque!



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