Rushaug: Project Emerald


System requirements Rushaug: Project Emerald

OS: Windows 10
Processor: AMD A4 9120C / 1.6 GHz
Video card: AMD Radeon R4
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 100 MB


Rushaug: Project Emerald

Rushaug: Project Emerald is announced by the developers as a mix of the game, where the genres of stealth, metroidvania, 2D platformer and spy thriller are collected and skillfully intertwined. In the game you are a super-agent cat named Rushaug. You have to move to the koto-universe with an important mission: to save it from the impending tragedy.

More about the game

The fame of the agent cat is ahead of him. He is famous for carrying out special missions and unique approaches to solving emerging problems. Enemies have no chance of surviving when they meet him, but there are so many who owe him their lives. And now he has a new job at a higher level. Anyone can try himself in the role of a super-cat: you need to download Rushaug: Project Emerald via torrent for free, and get involved in the war. But we must not hesitate, because according to information on the lifeless distant planet of Snotikia, the enemy planned to test previously unknown missiles.

How does this threaten the universe, is it possible to change the course of events? These are the tasks that you will need to understand how to solve. It’s a puzzle. In this case, you will have to take into account the cunning and resourcefulness of the enemy, he does not sleep, he lives in anticipation of a meeting with you. Do not lose your temper and be as careful as possible. Trust me, the adventure will be hot.

Story line

According to the plot of the game Rushaug: Project Emerald, fulfilling the mission entrusted to you, you will have to go to an unknown distant planet, where it is difficult to meet something good, because it simply does not exist. The game will present you with many exciting and eerie adventures, such as battling the enemy in the hot waterless desert or icy tundra. You cannot do without your participation on the planet Ecuador, where the death squadron is preparing an offensive on all living things. Not scary? But this is not all, the adventures of chilling blood will be enough.

Features of the game

Fighting battles and exploring locations, various useful items will open in front of you, you will find additional information. If you succeed, then it will be possible to open new hidden, sometimes unexpected, locations. You will also have the opportunity to unlock a large list of new types of weapons with unique characteristics, about 40 units.

Well, stop waiting. It’s time to start your own journey across mysterious planets to explore locations covered in mystery, to destroy enemy forces on the way. In the battle with the enemy, your courage, ingenuity, new types of weapons will help you. Do not hesitate in ways, you have several dozen of them, and, in the end, defeat the horror that the secret organization “DMA” is preparing for mankind. Good luck.

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