Rune Knights


System requirements Rune Knights:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual core
Video card: GeForce 760, Radeon R7 270X
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 5 GB


Rune Knights

If you like to spend time surrounded by fantasy heroes, then we suggest you pay attention to the game Rune Knights, which will surely become the basis for a pleasant pastime. This time you take on the role of the rune knight. You have to pull yourself together, arm yourself with a variety of weapons, remember spells and go into battle against a variety of creatures, starting with dangerous monsters and ending with a variety of dark personalities, thinking about the destruction of all living things. You have to carry out various assignments, help other heroes and try to actively open up a variety of new opportunities for self-improvement.

More about the game

Considering that you have to actively fight with a wide variety of creatures, of which there will be many, you should be ready to accept help from other heroes. Don’t waste your time and just carefully study all the features of this adventure. We invite you to be active and just enjoy the beautiful environment, which, although it will be overshadowed by creepy creatures, will still be beautiful, unique and simply worked out. And for starters, you just have to download Rune Knights via torrent on your PC for free and go on an exciting journey. Just be prepared for dangerous battles, you will have to give your best before you succeed.

Development and customization

As a reward after passing the tests, you will need to actively use any available rewards. The main reward will be the constant development of your hero, and as additional “buns” you will have access to a variety of elements to create a unique and simply interesting appearance of the heroes. At first, you have to actively choose which of the items to choose, since they will affect the characteristics of the hero, and only then you can think about the appearance. We suggest not to waste any time and simply download the Rune Knights torrent to your PC to discover a unique adventure with great potential.

The rune knights are able to come to the rescue at any moment and fight the danger. It is enough for them to give free rein, and they will deal with everything else personally. Are you ready for such an adventure? Then we dare not detain you any longer.

Game features

Heroes have unique skills and properties, so choose wisely and prudently.
Among the tasks will be not only contracts for the complete destruction of the enemy, but also for the transportation of goods and even protection.
Explore the world full of interesting artifacts and powerful spells.
Team up with other heroes to jointly accomplish legendary feats.
Collect powerful gear and don’t forget to use customization.

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