Rum & Gun


System requirements Rum & Gun:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: x86-compatible, 2.5 GHz
Grafik: Compatible with WebGL 1.0
Disk space: 300 MB

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Rum & Gun

Rum & Gun is an entertaining action and RPG in which you have to participate in exciting battles and gunfights, with many opponents who must be eliminated in order not to lose your life.

Curious plot

Due to a huge storm, the pirate boat was carried to the reefs, leaving solid wreckage from the huge frigate. Only one pirate remained alive, who managed to quickly plunge into a boat, which was nailed, to one of the shores of an island in the Pacific Ocean. Waking up, the hero found floating debris around him, as well as a box of rum, which had survived, a violin and a pistol. If you want to have fun on a desert island, we recommend that you download Rum & Gun via torrent on your PC.

You will not be bored!

Participants will have an exciting adventure where they can do whatever they want! For example, become a famous pirate, sail the Indian Ocean and solve the mysteries of the gods. Also, you will need to get comfortable on the island teeming with monsters, exploring all its mysterious places and, most importantly, to be able to survive on it. But life on a mysterious island will not be so disturbing if you have a pistol, a violin and, of course, rum at your side!

Main features of the game

Fight a horde of monsters.
Researching the Water God.
Solo epic pirate adventure.
Over 20 types of weapons.
More than 75 opponents.
Drinking rum and playing the violin.
Multiplayer mode.
The presence of a mini game.

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