Rubi The Wayward Mira

System requirements Rubi The Wayward Mira:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
DirectX: Version 8.0
Disk space: 500 MB


Rubi The Wayward Mira

Technology and magic can be combined perfectly and become the basis for prosperity. This is exactly what happened to the world of the main character, however, this did not last long. As a result, there was an outbreak, after which unrest began, monsters began to appear, and the world slowly began to perish. Therefore, to fix the situation, you will first have to download Rubi The Wayward Mira via torrent and try to save your home world. Play will be for a charming red-haired girl who has not only good indicators of speed and agility, but also has the skills of active struggle. Have time to use all the skills and strive for a good result during your travels.

More about the game

The gameplay is completely immersed in the pixel world, but it does not spoil the atmosphere. The view will be from the side, all actions will take place in real time and will not hinder your actions at all. You have to actively explore locations, fight dangerous enemies and sometimes pass dangerous tests. In this case, sometimes it will be necessary to communicate with the NPC, go through puzzles and even run away from danger. Variety will be enough, so you will enjoy what is happening and strive for victory.

Game features

This Rubi The Wayward Mira game project may seem like a breeze due to its simple design. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the story and follow the story. It is worked out here and can sometimes surprise, thanks to this it can compete with larger gaming adventures. Take control of the red-haired heroine, find help in a dying world and boldly rush into battle. In time, it will take not so much, it will delight the effects and simply deliver a lot of positive emotions. We wish you a pleasant game and unforgettable adventures!

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