Roman Legionary

System requirements Roman Legionary

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Video card: GTX 660


Roman Legionary

The Empire of Rome has not reminded of itself for a long time, and now you have the opportunity to download the Roman Legionary torrent and become a professional fighter of Caesar himself, who plans to bring you to the level of a commander. Only for such a career growth will have to solve a lot of problems and will have to act decisively, because words are unlikely to help get rid of the barbarians.

More about the game

Fight, hire soldiers and pump the main character. The stronger he becomes, the more chances he will get the attention of Caesar and carry out particularly difficult assignments. In terms of gameplay, you will fight, kill, threaten and kidnap. Basically, you will do what the Romans did. In the meantime, it’s worth freeing up some space on your hard drive and downloading the game via torrent completely free of charge. We wish you good luck and good mood.

Game features

– beautiful graphics;
– the ability to use a sword and shield;
– a large selection of superpowers;
– a chance to prove yourself before Caesar;
– the opportunity to become an army commander.

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