Rocket League

System requirements Rocket League

OS Windows: XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: 2.0 + GHz Quad core
Video card: Nvidia 260 series or ATI 585



Rocket League

Rocket League is a dynamic sports football simulator with arcade elements. The game is available via torrent on our website.


Gameplay is presented in the form of arcade survival races with elements of football, with a convenient third-person camera. Gamer controls the machine, which is equipped with a rocket engine, which allows the machine to fly up and push harder. Pushing is needed to direct the ball towards the enemy gates, and the ball itself is much larger than the typewriter. Rocket League has well-detailed graphics and close-to-reality physics of ball flight, although the mechanics of driving a miniature car are arcade-like. We advise you to download the torrent on the PC Rocket League and try the game with your friends at a party.

Rocket League is a computer game that blew up the internet. As soon as the developers released this entertainment to the PC and PlayStation 4, the players could immediately see how cool the gameplay is, despite the fact that it is incredibly simple.

The local action resembles numerous games of the football simulator genre. But here you have to kick a soccer ball not with the help of the feet of football players, but with the help of radio controllers. It is they who are used here to hold entire ball game championships. People began to build special stadiums, in whose territory two dozen machines can unfold, one way or another participating in these fierce battles.

Actually, the rules are as simple as in the original football. You need with all the dope to ram the ball, so that in the end, you can hammer it into the gates of your opponent. To make it look as realistic as possible, the developers separately prescribed the physics of each object, for this reason, the ball behaves radically different from the machines and vice versa. In addition, if you are a happy owner of a joystick, then you are invited to a whole series of different strokes, calculated on the fact that you will use all degrees to turn the machine. In addition, the Rocket League is now available for download free of charge from the torrent.



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