Rival Stars Horse Racing

System requirements Rival Stars Horse Racing:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i5 Processor or better
Video Card: Intel HD 4000 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 3 GB



Rival Stars Horse Racing

Equestrian sport is an area of ​​interactive entertainment that has almost never been touched by developers. Therefore, today you will have the opportunity to correct this situation and try to achieve a favorable result in such an unusual and beautiful sport. In the game Rival Stars Horse Racing you take on the role of a professional athlete who is just beginning to comprehend all the delights of life and horse racing. Therefore, it is worthwhile to prepare for a plentiful amount of classes, responsibility and obligations. Do not think that athletes of this class are only involved in horse racing, they still care for horses and try to choose the most suitable breed for racing.

More about the game

So, if you thought that this was a racetrack, you should not rush to conclusions, since in this adventure you have to participate in sports, where horses and riders show their good breeding, unity and willingness to perform various and complex exercises. The so-called gentleman’s race requires an incredible amount of effort and ability to restrain emotions. This format of competition requires constant training, the ability to listen to the horse and take care of her. And so that you can begin to act, it will be enough just to download Rival Stars Horse Racing via torrent to PC for free.

Sensitive care

The download process itself is not so complicated, it is easy to understand. Moreover, the success in them depends solely on your horse and its characteristics. Therefore, in order for everything to be good, you should be careful about your horse, try to collect several horses in that place, and take care of all the same. Thanks to this approach, you will be able to understand when and which horse is better to take to the competition, which one is better at one or another test, etc. Remember, this is very important in the game, so you should download the Rival Stars Horse Racing torrent on your PC and start practicing.

Now you will find a unique adventure with a sports bias and elements of a horse care simulator. Are you ready to take on this responsibility? Then do not waste time and just start acting.

Game features

Try to breed horses that respect your genetic heritage.
Each horse is unique and requires special care.
Hire additional staff to care for your horses.
Be the best in this challenging competition.

On this page you can download the game Rival Stars Horse Racing torrent free on PC.



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