Risen Kingdom

System requirements Risen Kingdom

OS: Windows XP / 7/8/10
CPU: 1.6 GHz
Video Card: 1 GB VRAM
Disk space: 220 MB


Risen Kingdom

On our site we offer to download the torrent Risen Kingdom – games of such a rare genre now as real-time strategy (RTS). In this exciting game you will need to build your own kingdom in a fantasy world, fighting hordes of undead. Take care of food, production of weapons and armor, hire fighters and get ready to defend the state from the invasion of zombies. Various protective structures will help you: palisades, stone walls, towers and cannons. But this may not be enough, because zombies are extremely numerous and are able to crush the number of your best fighters.

More about the game

The Risen Kingdom strategy, the torrent of which you can download from us, has all the mechanics specific to RTS – building buildings, extracting resources, controlling the population of a settlement, exploring a map. The plot of the game tells of a prosperous kingdom, which was wiped out by hordes of undead, who appeared from nowhere. You have to lead the settlement of daredevils who undertook to conquer the lands of their ancestors from the undead. Your motto is not one step back! To survive the night – the time when zombies attack, the player will need to have time to develop his kingdom, prepare a deeply echeloned defense and train the best warriors.

Game features

The game Risen Kingdom is made in funny cartoon graphics and bright colors, but do not be fooled – it will not be easy to pass. In each subsequent mission, zombies will become more numerous and will attack the kingdom more often. To protect the settlement, the player will open new defenses and types of troops. Organizing the defense, the player should not forget about the economic component of the game, because the inhabitants of the kingdom will need to be provided with housing and food. Develop your kingdom. Let it be too tough for any hordes of zombies!

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