Rise to Ruins

System requirements Rise to Ruins:

Operating System: Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core i3
Video Card: Intel HD 4400
Hard Drive Memory: 500Mb


Rise to Ruins

For those who prefer non-standard genre combinations in games, we suggest paying attention to the game Rise to Ruins, which you can download torrent on our website. It combines the genres of a simulator, there are elements of a classic strategy with a chronological framework, as well as the genre of tower defense and a simulator for survival. The creator of this game product, Raymond Doerr, wanted to use it to reduce the difference between the simulators for building cities and those that take place in real time. Here, the chronological framework indicates that actions in the game take place in the nineties of the twentieth century.

More about the game

A feature of the game Rise to Ruins will be the fact that after the construction of the settlement, you will die. This is such a tactic in the presented game. You will be engaged in the development of the village and the search for a way to stay in the world of the living as long as possible. But defeat is an integral part of life, and with every loss you will still receive invaluable experience and knowledge to extend your life cycle. The game features three special modes: survival, peaceful, and mill.

Game modes

If we talk about the survival mode, then everything is clear without words. Your task will be to try to save your life at any cost, but it will be quite difficult. After all, here the conditions for survival are very difficult, and it will not be easy to do this, since danger is at every step. Try to find the most effective options to stay alive. But in case of death, you will still come back, only having great experience. This is the charm of this gaming product.

Peace mode let you enjoy a quiet and peaceful life in the village. And even opponents with whom you will periodically need to engage in skirmishes will treat you and your settlement a little loyally. This is reminiscent of a god simulator when you watch from above what is happening below. You can also study the map, discover something new, conduct various experiments. Everything happens quite calmly. Your task in the game Rise to Ruins will be to provide local residents with all the benefits. This mode is also a kind of survival, but such a light version.

In sandbox mode, all the actions are obvious, you can change the mechanics of the game completely and play as you wish. Here, for example, you can control the weather, change the time of day, choose monsters and those who inhabit your settlement, and also completely change the map on which you are playing the game. Those who love experimentation will appreciate these features.

Divine abilities

Since in the game Rise to Ruins you will perform some kind of divine duties, then your abilities will be in accordance with the role in the game. You can change the location, eliminate the opponent, only he appears on the horizon, pick up objects and even living creatures, heal, increase the growth of resources and many other things. Cards in the game are decorated in different themes and contain a lot of exciting tasks.

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