System requirements RimWorld:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Dual Core 2
RAM: 1024 Mb
Video card: 256 MB
Free space on hard disk: 200 Mb




When it comes to the RimWorld game, it is very difficult not to recall the stimulant called Dwarf Fortress (hereinafter DF), created by Tarn Adams. This project is very unusual and interesting and at the same time quite complex, which is why it could not fail to attract a large number of followers. But all created similar games very quickly remained behind forgotten. But what about this game?

More about the game

From all similar projects on DF, the game RimWorld is fundamentally different. It’s all about a different setting – the plot will not tell about the dwarven fortress building or other fantastic lands, but about a colony consisting of people on another planet. Moreover, the gamer will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game. The developers of Ludeon did not just try to copy the game, but maximize its basic idea, for this reason the product was able to access the Steam service, in addition, many players spoke about the game really enthusiastically. Therefore, hurry to download RimWorld via torrent for free on our website and enjoy the game.

Game history

The creators of the studio do not even try to hide the fact that DF inspired them, but other games that became real legends such as Dune, Firefly and FTL also served as sources. Also, the creators recommend not just trying to win, but to get real pleasure from the unique plot of the game. Each time it will be unique. Events will constantly change and this directly depends on how the gamer prefers to act.

It’s all about the engine used here, which is capable of generating a plot called AL Storytellers. Judging by the name, it’s immediately clear that this is a story of a storyteller. To be more precise, the entire system consists of virtual fairy tale tellers such as Cassandra Classic, Randy Random and Phoebe Basebuilder. One likes a lot of stress, the second is characterized by unpredictable actions, and the third is very friendly. The RimWorld player is given the opportunity to independently choose an algorithm.

A small disaster led to the need to master a new planet:

I would like to return to the storyline of RimWorld. The story begins with a ship crash. People managed to survive, however, now they are on a strange and completely unfamiliar planet. They just have to wait for their death or start to take some action – to engage in farming and construction. Of course, they preferred the second option. At one point, the new inhabitants of the planet managed to see that in a row different ships often fly by.

On board may be quite friendly-minded passengers who are engaged in trade, as well as real pirates who are able to rob them. As for the opportunity to trade, I would like to note that there is the opportunity to buy not only various items, but also slaves, which means that the size of the colony will increase over time. Thus, after a certain amount of time, people from all over the vast galaxy will be attracted here.

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