System requirements Rezrog:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Video Card: 512 MB VRAM
Disk Space: 4 GB



In the incredible and fabulous world of the game Rezrog you will find an unforgettable adventure in which you have to fight evil. The game will have a very complex and carefully crafted storyline that will unfold to the player as you progress through the game.

The player is waiting for large-scale campaigns and battles in the dungeons – the developers promise more than 100 different locations, each of which will be completely unique. The combat system is built on the interaction of players, so after you download Rezrog from a torrent for free, you will have to take part in the battles as part of a large detachment, each member of which will have its own unique features. It is the correct interaction with each member of the squad that will allow you to win and achieve the desired:

Rezrog is a fabulous virtual world that gives you the opportunity to embark on a completely new adventure, which you will definitely have to go through to the very end, as you have to study bit by bit the history. And if you want to know some details, then in this world you have to go to fight against evil, which is completely unbelted.


– The ability to manage a large detachment, each member of which is absolutely unique both in terms of appearance and in terms of their gaming capabilities, has its own history and its own character with strengths and weaknesses;
– A carefully crafted tactical component that provides the ability to subtly interact with all members of your squad;
– Each location that you visit is completely unique. In this case, the player will actively interact with the environment, very often this will be the key to victory;
– In locations it is worth being careful – at every step you will find numerous traps, but also do not miss the tips thanks to which you can find hidden treasures and artifacts.
– You will manage the leveling of your heroes yourself: you can learn new skills for them, buy and assign equipment, and so on;
– If all the heroes of the squad die or fall into prison, you will lose;
– A special progress system allows you to save your every achievement;
– The game is made in the style of a board game – this makes Rezrog even more interesting and unusual

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