System requirements REZ PLZ:

OS: Windows XP or newer
Processor: Dual Core 2 Ghz or better
Video card: 512 MB, Direct X capable
Disk space: 3 GB



If you like unusual adventures, then we suggest you take the opportunity to go on an exciting journey REZ PLZ, which offers to take control of two brothers who are fluent in necromancy skills. They can use these skills at any time and show their best dexterity to achieve a favorable result. They decided to go to a world that has long been a source of darkness and great trouble. But you should not think that they decided to save this world, on the contrary, they will try to seize great power that will make them even stronger. True, they do not even suspect what exactly awaits them and what consequences this may promise.

More about the game

If you thought that necromancy was power, then do not rush to rejoice, because the one who owns it should be in close contact with the dead and catch the souls in time, which he seeks to resurrect in the future. Therefore, necromancy is the most difficult and not so understandable spell that will require a lot of resources and time for self-realization. And so that you don’t get bored much, the developers decided to diversify your adventure not only with battles, but also with the solution of various puzzles that will definitely delight you.In general, you just have to download REZ PLZ via torrent on PC for free in order to achieve a favorable result.

Unusual mechanics

And now it’s worth telling you about the most interesting moment – in order to solve many puzzles, you have to sacrifice one of the brothers. For example, a huge gap with stakes may appear in front of you, which you just can’t jump over. Therefore, one of the brothers must sacrifice himself so that the other can jump on his body and overcome this obstacle. A similar situation can arise when you need to fight a dangerous boss. In general, before solving various problems, we recommend that you analyze all your capabilities and only then begin to act. So don’t waste your time and just take the chance to download REZ PLZ torrent on your PC.

Now the fate of this world and brothers will completely depend on your decisions, therefore we suggest you not to waste time and begin to actively act. There are many interesting discoveries ahead of you, actively use necromancy and try to deceive your enemies as often as possible in order to achieve a good result. Good luck!

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