System requirements Revhead:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 – only for 64 bits!
Processor: 2GHz dual core
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Min. 1GB ram
DirectX: Versions 9.0
Disk space: 2 GB




Revhead is a universal game project that offers to go on an exciting adventure and try to achieve a favorable result in terms of racing. Revhead game refers to racing simulators. The user will have to take in their hands the process of building a car, and take care of its further technical condition. You met a new friend named Charlie, who specializes in building racing cars. The growth in the number of customers and orders caused you to be invited to assist in your work in Australia. After consent, you go to a small village in which the entire population is almost obsessed with racing cars. To become famous and gain success among other builders and craftsmen, you need to collect something unique, unusual, to attract attention and win the race.

Your discretion will allow more success. The number of resources is limited, consider this in your work. The correct strategy in this process is the key to your victory. It is necessary to take into account that everything in your environment is paid. With a shortage of finances, you can take an additional part-time job in order to improve your financial situation. There is always a lot of work, therefore, leave laziness aside, and proceed.

You have to develop and assemble a racing car from scratch, and test it in the most difficult and dangerous races. You can arrange battles with other racers, but remember that you are responsible for the condition of the car. For completing additional missions you get rewards, money and resources.

The main focus of Revhead will be on building your race car. After the work is done, you can begin to test the car, take part in competitions, fight with other racers for the title of the best.

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