Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery

System requirements Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.00 GHz or equivalent
Video Card: Intel® HD Graphics or better



Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery

Games in anime style once again occupy the vastness of the interactive market and you are waiting for a not-so-ordinary version of a wonderful pastime. This time you will have to become a mysterious agent girl in the game Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery. She survived after her unit was brutally destroyed. The story turned out to be rather strange and, obviously, a traitor appears in it. This is confirmed by the fact that the detachment worked for one faction, which was the enemy of the soldiers. And how could it happen that the soldiers were able to calculate the location of the detachment? They attacked all of a sudden and killed everyone. But who became a traitor? What are these very fractions? And most importantly – what should our heroine do now? You will learn all this if you begin an adventure that will drag you head over heels.

More about the game

Many of you present the girls from anime games as pretty and kind, but certainly not as vengeful and cruel. However, in this game the stereotype will be destroyed, and you will see the main character, burning with revenge and anger. She will quietly move around, use her weapons and a sharpened blade boomerang (something like Xena’s chakram, the olds should remember). Such a weapon will help her to be invisible, and at the same time protect herself. You will have to confront several factions at once, because, as you might assume, each of them had a hand in the destruction of the detachment. But why did it all happen? It’s simple: the detachment had secret information that could reconcile these factions, but someone did not want this world. So if you want to help your heroine, you must first download the torrent Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery on our website.

Unique style

Another interesting point to note is the graphic design, which at first glance looks completely ordinary and unremarkable. But only after you start playing, you can see how unique the creators of the game did everything. You will study maps, try to find the best place to place a stealth, etc. Your main task is to find all the leaders, try not to fall into rivals and secretly destroy them all. At the beginning of the journey, this seems like a fairly simple and easy task, but only shelters for hiding will be less and less with each level. If you like projects of a similar genre focus, then we advise you to download the torrent Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery from the link in the description. Go to conquer new gaming spaces.

And now you have to bear the responsibility for the main character, and you must help her achieve a victorious result. Don’t worry, you will definitely like the game project, and our heroine will be able to take revenge and stop all military operations. If you do not believe that this is possible, then rather start activating. We can only wish you good luck and have a good time!

Game features

excellent graphic design;
a pretty sweet-looking main character;
the project is focused on stealth assistance;
wide range of weapons;
unexpected ending of the game.

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