Rest House 2 – The Wizard

System requirements Rest House 2 – The Wizard:

OS: Windows 10
CPU: i5
Video card: nvidia gtx 960
Disk Space: 8 GB


Rest House 2 – The Wizard

If you are a fan of the horror genre, be sure to download Rest House 2 – The Wizard from the torrent, an adventure game based on the works of Edgar Alan Poe. Rest House 2, is a logical continuation of the first part, but now it is not a chamber puzzle game in enclosed spaces. The player has at his disposal a whole world that you can explore as you want, look for interesting places and fight enemies. All this – in the signature for the games from this studio gloomy, oppressive atmosphere. You have to wander through the endless night in frightening landscapes, making terrible finds over and over again, from which the game’s plot will gradually develop.

More about the game

We offer to download Rest House 2 – The Wizard from the torrent and learn its incredible story. The plot of the game begins on an island known for its fishing harbor and whaling. The main character, an ordinary local resident, accidentally finds an abandoned whaling ship and decides to wait out the storm in it. He could not imagine what terrible events this decision would lead to …

Game features

In the game Rest House 2 – The Wizard you have to personally explore the interesting game mechanics of this game. You can travel the vast 3D world on foot or by boat. You will not be able to predict in advance what awaits you around the next turn, which monsters you will meet. Gradually, you will delve deeper into the history of this doomed world and learn more scary details. When faced with monsters or characters, the player can resort to stealth mechanics.

In order not to arouse suspicion among enemies, the main character can put on masks, which he will find during the exploration of the world. Different masks come in handy against different enemies. The soundtrack of the game that best complements the atmosphere of hopelessness deserves special attention.

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