System requirements Ressifice

OS: Later versions
Processor: Any processor
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: Any GPU
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 100 MB
Sound Card: Any sound card



Sackville is such a dark place where Satan himself used to have fun, and if you are thinking of downloading the game to PC, this is where you will be taken. Six holy pilgrims once stopped the Lord of Hell, but he again came to this place now under the name Ressifice to do evil and nightmares. Therefore, downloading the game means entering a fascinating game world and confronting the nightmare Lord as much as possible. Everything this terrible supernatural creature touches falls under his influence, and your task is to destroy his minions in the most merciless way.

More about the game

On the way, you have to solve short, but not so simple puzzles, as well as knock out resources from everything that comes across on your righteous path. There will be many enemies, they are numerous, but in these 2-d battles you will crush them, how much in vain. You will need to read the symbols on the walls, arm yourself, and all sorts of demonic entities will now and then appear here and there. The creators of the toy did not have the task of scaring you as much as possible, as is done in much more realistic and scary horror movies.

Features of the game

No, here is another task – to give maximum dynamics and drive to the gameplay, to achieve your great involvement in battles and battles, not to stand still for a second and show this Ressifice where the crayfish hibernate. Perhaps you will completely save Sackville from the next coming of Satan in a new guise. But that you will crush the huge army of his minions and get a lot of pleasure at the same time – it is quite obvious! The gameplay is similar to an exciting movie, where you will be the fearless main character. So you should definitely “shoot” such a motion picture.

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