Resident Evil Dead Aim

System requirements Resident Evil Dead Aim:

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz
RAM: 1GB (2GB for Vista and Seven)
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512 Mb
Hard disk space: 2.74 GB


Resident Evil Dead Aim

The game Resident Evil Dead Aim is the next chapter of the cult horror Resident Evil, in which the main characters will have to fight for their lives with hordes of terrible demonic creatures in an old mansion with a complicated and long history.

Unlike the rest of Resident Evil, now all skirmishes with the living dead take place in FPS mode, so the player can use the G-Con light gun. In the normal mode, in which the hero can move around the locations and explore them, the camera automatically switches to third-person mode, and as soon as the shootout begins, it immediately changes its angle. You can play not only alone, but also as a couple, but in this case you will have to have two light pistols. Thus, we recommend downloading Resident Evil Dead Aim torrent not only to horror fans, but also to fans of shooters with an interesting and dynamic storyline.

More about the game

The sinister Umbrella Corporation, as well as the virus developed in its laboratories, were destroyed. It would seem that the threat of a biological apocalypse has passed, but it only seems so – in fact, some elements of the virus have not been destroyed, therefore they still pose a threat to humanity. It is with this danger that the soldiers of the special squad B.S.A.A. (Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance), based in Raccoon City. These include well-known fans of this series Chris Redfield, which you will have to play.

The game Resident Evil Dead Aim is a continuation of the famous Resident Evil series and is connected with it by a common plot. This time, Capcom developers worked in tandem with Nintendo to more effectively optimize the game using light guns, which allow them to respond extremely accurately to the slightest movements of the player. This made it possible to significantly revive the game and make the player even more involved in the process.

The main difference between Resident Evil Dead Aim and other games in the series is its limited space. The thing is that here almost 90% of events will unfold on a huge container ship, on which test tubes with the virus are. It becomes clear that if a ship lands ashore and there is at least one infected on board, humanity will face a new, even larger-scale T-virus epidemic, even more terrible than the one that almost destroyed Raccoon City. To prevent this, members of the special forces need to destroy all the zombies and eliminate the smallest signs of infection.

In fact, from a third-person action game, the game was partially modified into a first-person shooter. The background is present when the character needs to explore the location or move to another compartment of the ship. But when the battle begins, the camera automatically zooms in, as in traditional shooters – this allows you to more effectively fight enemies and destroy them. By the way, the presence of a light gun for Resident Evil Dead Aim is not a prerequisite, it is simply more convenient than a classic mouse, although you can also use it for the game if necessary.

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