Resident Evil 5

System requirements Resident Evil 5:

Windows OS: 7/8/10
Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 | ATI Radeon HD 2600
Hard disk space: 9.5 GB


Resident Evil 5

The computer game Resident Evil 5 is a classic horror game that continued the popular game series. The product is aimed at users of personal computers. It would seem that all fears are behind, but a new misfortune is coming. Umbrella Corporation is destroyed, and the deadly virus, which has become a kind of legacy, is gradually spreading throughout the world. What was created by the corporation was destroyed, but clandestine sellers used the foundation and created a new type of biological weapon. Investigate the leak of this substance lies with the main character Chris Redfield. He has experience in this matter, as previously the character cleared Raccoon City.

More about the game

Today he is a member of an organization that fights against bioterrorist organizations. Having started the next task, the hero finds himself on the territory of the African continent. It is known that one of the local residents previously worked with the ill-fated Umbrella Corporation, and had a direct relationship with it. His task is to make people terrible mutants, and the more people are exposed to his activities, the better. One of the new agents of this organization B.S.A.A. will come to the aid of the protagonist. His name is Sheva Alomar. The couple learns the cruel truth that will turn their minds around, change their attitude and view of the government, and will cause a reappraisal of many things, including the attitude to their commanders.

Thanks to the use of the new computer engine, the developers were able to add a lot of additions to the game project, change many details and elements. After that, immediately two players will be able to become participants in the game process at the same time. Interest Co-operative – this is the criterion that allows you to achieve a game in a duet. Those who download Resident Evil 5 will be able to overcome many difficulties and cope with fear with a friend. The new generation brings all fears to light.

The game project Resident Evil 5 for PC received a certain set of innovations that made changes to the franchise and changed it. This fact has caused the increased popularity of the game studio Capcom, and not only her. This part of the series is quite different from previous projects, known to most users, fans.

It’s no secret to anyone that since the beginning of the creation of the first parts of the series, Umbrella’s employees paid enough attention to experiments conducted on the basis of genetic engineering. Everything that they did had a negative consequence, and this can be observed on the example of the appeared mutants, mutated individuals. They are dangerous not only for people, but also for all living things that exist on earth. The beginning of this strange and terrible story is in the United States of America. A virus was discovered in an abandoned mansion, which eventually spread to the city of Raccoon City.

Suddenly, it becomes known that this muck has spread to the African continent. This is where the main characters who have sufficient experience in the fight against this evil will have to go. Chris Redfield will again have to investigate the mysterious virus, but now already being part of B. S. A. A .. His assistant will be Sheva Alomar, who had not previously worked in Chris, and did not intersect on tasks. It is possible that during the performance of this work unforeseen and dangerous events will occur that will not allow the heroes to complete the operation and return home.

Given that the number of main characters has increased, the creators of the project provided for a cooperative mode. This will make it possible to go through the game with a friend, and to defeat the virus and all its consequences in a couple. To begin the passage, it is enough to launch the Resident Evil 5. The well-known game, unlike the previous parts, was transformed, refreshed, became more dynamic and diverse. Be convinced of it and you.

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