System requirements Relivium

OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7
Processor: Intel CPU i5-4590 3.3GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz or similar
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 760
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 5 GB




It’s time to go on a new Relivium adventure, which will surely delight you with its unusual story and horror. This time we invite you to go to a world that has just recovered from the Second World War, but has not yet been able to cope with the main problem – the outbreak of the invasion of a strange aquatic parasite. Many people died from this, some hid. But the worst thing is that against the background of all this horror a new wave of war begins, which will definitely finish off all the survivors. But the story itself will not be about this, but about an ordinary officer who went in search of his family. He received information that they had disappeared into a bunker. True, this did not add to their chances of survival, since it was in this bunker that the outbreak of the aquatic parasite occurred.

More about the game

As you may have guessed, you have to explore this bunker alone and try to find traces of your family. If you thought that the parasite meant just a microbe, then do not rush to relax, since the evolution of the parasite allowed it to grow to a large size and provide the ability to hunt people. If you are ready to test your strength, then we suggest that you simply download Relivium via torrent on your PC for free. The main thing is not to forget to take a gun and cartridges with you, they will be the only way to fight off the parasite. By the way, there will be more than one parasite, they say that there is a whole flock of them in this bunker.

Tense atmosphere

The main advantage of the game will be the atmosphere. Imagine that you will carefully examine a bunker in which there is no light and monsters wander. Everything will be quiet at first, but sometimes growling sounds and crunching of bones will be heard. Sometimes you can hear how the family runs from the monster, one should not exclude the crying of children. But the most important thing is that you will never see it visually, which will lead to scary thoughts.

Story line

Try to control yourself and try to find a family before the parasites do. And first, you just have to download the Relivium torrent on your PC and only then hit the road. This adventure will allow you to enjoy an incredible adventure atmosphere and creepy surroundings. For a long time, the developers have not tried to scare players so much, using ordinary sounds for this. Most importantly, you’ll love directing the entire adventure. We wish you good luck!

Game features

elaborate atmosphere;
brave protagonist;
beautiful visual design;
the presence of puzzles;
extremely dangerous monsters.

On this page you can download the game via torrent Relivium free on a PC.



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