Red Goddess Inner World


System requirements Red Goddess Inner World

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i5 2x 2.6 GHz, or AMD equivalent
RAM: 3 GB of RAM
Video card: Nvidia GT 640, AMD Radeon HD 6870/7750
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 3 GB
Gamepad support: Full


Red Goddess Inner World

The new game is a world of true action adventure that engulfs the player and takes him into a unique alternate world. Various functions are available in the game, you can fire, you can go into hand-to-hand combat, or you can simply disappear from the eyes of the surrounding characters and walk around the location with a real invisibility. There are three unique heroes to choose from, which differ in skills and special abilities. The game promises to be interesting, so we recommend you download Red Goddess Inner World via torrent from us and enjoy this game.

More about the game

New players will be able to learn from personal experience which of the three presented is better at fighting monsters, and who is excellent at coping with even the most confusing and difficult quests to complete. In the combat mode, puzzles and platform elements are organically connected, which makes it more dynamic, exciting and difficult to execute. The player will have to get to know the world of another planet, learn to interact with it and defeat it, because it acts as a separate hero according to the plot.


The system of playing the game Red Goddess Inner World is distinguished by some features that make it truly unique. Each character has the ability to mentally influence the minds of their enemies. This makes it possible to force the enemy to act at your discretion: enter the desired room, find secret data. Share details regarding the development of the story according to the plot. By collecting memory crystals, the character has the opportunity to improve and learn personal skills, as well as expand the boundaries of the known map.


The plot of Red Goddess Inner World is based on the story of one divine creature. The goddess does not know what to do, she is possessed by panic and a feeling of confusion. Something weighs on her thoughts from past times, her consciousness is slowly collapsing, an unknown force negatively affects her mind and will. Only a journey into one’s own consciousness can help; this one becomes her fatal mistake. The goddess is faced with an unknown planet, which in its depths can conceal a great danger to her. It is from this moment that three fearless heroes come into play.

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