Reborn Online

System requirements Reborn Online:

Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP (SP3);
Processor: Pentium 4 – 2.0 MHz;
RAM: 1.5 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista / 7;
Video card: GeForce 6800GT or ATI X800 with 512 MB
DirectX® 9.0 compatible with


Reborn Online

Now on the MMORPG market there are a lot of Asian projects, which in most cases do not differ in originality. But among them there are worthy projects, such as, for example, Reborn Online – an interesting game project based on a combination of Eastern and Scandinavian mythology. In this game, you will go to a world called Asgard, which is different from the traditional world of the ancient Scandinavians. In this world of hundreds and thousands of diverse islands, you will find many interesting and exciting adventures, new acquaintances and, of course, battles with various monsters and enemies.

More about the game

Choice of character: The first thing that a player has to do in Reborn Online, which is offered on our website to download the torrent, is to choose a character. In addition to customizing the appearance, you also need to choose the gender of your character and, most importantly, the class. In total, four classes are available – a warrior, a shooter, a magician and a Breter (something in between a thief and a murderer, to be precise, a duelist). After you make a choice, you will be sent to a small island in the world of Asgard, from where your journey begins. You have to do everything that you usually have to do in MMORPG games – complete various tasks, communicate in NPK and other players, fight in PvE and PvP battles, knock out money and trophies from monsters and other opponents, and also collect resources.

The main difference between Reborn Online is the crowds of monsters. There are really crowds here, so be prepared for the fact that you have to join the battle at the same time with a dozen, or even a couple of dozen aggressive creatures, eager to tear you to pieces. It is clear that no matter how masterfully you own the sword, you just cannot defeat them, so you will have to use the various abilities that your character has. They depend on the chosen class, but in any case, they allow you to gain an advantage in battle.

With each new level, your character will become stronger, and new, even more useful and effective skills will open. For example, when you reach level 20, you can choose an additional class for your character, you can also have a pet that will help you in battles and much more.

To start the game is as simple as simple – you just need to download Reborn Online with a torrent on our website and start choosing your character.

On this page you can download the game Reborn Online torrent free on PC.



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