Reanimation Inc.

System requirements Reanimation Inc.:

OS: Windows Vista or later
CPU: Pentuim IV
RAM: 200 MB
Disk space: 200 MB


Reanimation Inc.

Relax a bit in order to go with renewed vigor to conquer the peaks of various simulators. Today you have to defeat the game project Reanimation Inc., the torrent of which you can download on the presented Internet resource for free. Here you can feel how difficult it is to be a doctor. Well, as you already understood, you will try on the profession of a doctor and do everything possible to cure the maximum number of patients.

More about the game

Everything needs to be done very professionally, with the help of special medical tools. The storyline suggests that you should constantly use your knowledge in medicine and try to correctly correlate all the symptoms. In fact, in order to become a doctor, you need to spend a lot of time on training. In your case, all the skills can be mastered in real time in an emergency. Yes, it will be very difficult, but at the same time you will get a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline in the game Reanimation Inc.

Game features

I need to warn you that in the game Reanimation Inc. many bloody scenes, as well as an unpredictable plot. Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where a bleeding patient will be in front of you. In such cases, you should immediately respond and choose the best way to help. In the arsenal you have a large number of medical instruments and methods of treatment, you only need to find the right one for a particular case. Remember that the life of the patient depends on you, or if you choose the wrong method of treatment, the consequences will not be most pleasant. You can also use non-traditional methods of treatment, so try to immediately understand what exactly you need to do, that the result for your patient is satisfactory.

A feature of this game will be the fact that each patient will have many bonuses and debuffs, which will significantly improve the gameplay, and can only create more problems. You must be very careful, you can not risk the health and life of the patient. We wish you good luck and save as many people as possible.

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