RAW Power 3.0.3

System requirements RAW Power 3.0.3

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

RAW Power 3.0.3

RAW Power 3.0.3 has the best Finder, Photos, and iCloud integration of any third-party photo app, as well as advanced RAW editing, ratings, and more. You get the same impressive editing capabilities with any use. In any app mode, you can also rate, tag, and filter.

More about the program

RAW Power 3.0.3 works great with JPEGs, with powerful settings not found in Apple photos (such as LUT, Depth Effect, and Chromatic Aberration). If you like Aperture’s advanced RAW processing, you’ll feel right at home with RAW Power. Settings such as Boost, previously only available in Aperture, can help you enhance your images in ways that simply cannot be done in any other application.


– ADVANCED RAW: Unlock the power of the Apple RAW engine (previously only in Aperture). Unique settings enhance your photos in ways impossible with any other application.

– ORGANIZE: RAW Power 3.0.3 can organize and manage your photo library (Catalina required). Fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library, so changes to the library are synced.

– FIND SUPPORT: RAW Power is a fast, standalone image editor with the same excellent non-destructive RAW processing.

– RATE & FILTER: Filter by file type, rating, flag and editing state. Sync ratings and flags to iCloud Photos!

– EDIT CROSS PLATFORM: Run on one device and continue on another using RAW Power 3 for iOS. RAW Power is also a photo editing extension with all the same settings.

– PROCESSING GROUPS: apply settings, insert settings and export images. Apply Auto Enhancement or Auto White Balance to many images at the same time.

Organization and display

– Up to 800% magnification for extremely precise settings.
– Create photo albums albums, delete pictures and organize pictures in albums.
– View metadata such as file name, photo information, flash status and location with map.
– Browse folders on your disk or albums in your library, select your favorite folders
– Multiple windows / tabs to view different parts of your disk or library at the same time
– Open and edit multiple files at the same time
– Grid of thumbnails with icons for editing state, file type, rating and flags
– Filter by file type, edit status, rating, flags and tags
– Export with control of size, format, profile and name
– Apply presets, insert settings, export and more using batch processing in the background.


– Compatible with hundreds of cameras including iPhone RAW. Fuji Compressed RAW is not supported. Supports most DNGs.
– An unprecedented highlight of recovery. Real-time control from Apple’s RAW Power 3.0.3 including noise reduction, Black Point, Gamut Mapping and more
– Auto Enhancement, Auto White Balance, Auto Levels and Auto Curves
– bar graph with clipping indicators and hot pixel overlay
– LUT (see tables) with built-in appearance and imitation of the film. Add your own!
– Crop and straighten, rotate and flip, white balance with sampler and auto
– Highlights, shadows, vibrations, local contrast and incredible Lighter and Darker sliders

– Curves and Levels. Curves have linear and laboratory modes as well as samplers
– Depth effect to enhance photos taken with the dual camera
– chromatic aberration to correct lens artifacts, perspective, black and white, vignette with adjustable center point
– Metal based imaging engine for better performance. High-precision deep color reproduction.
– Completely non-destructive editing, all changes are stored in wheelchairs
– All sliders are real-time and GPU-accelerated
– Customizable presets and copy / paste settings
– Camera presets allow you to create a starting point for each camera model.

On this page you can download Tidy for RAW Power 3.0.3 for free via torrent.



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