Rainy Night

System requirements Rainy Night

OS: Windows 7 64 bits
Processor: Processador de 2 GHz
Video Card: Placa de vídeo com Shader versão 2.0
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 900 MB



Rainy Night

Rainy Night is an incredibly atmospheric and creepy horror performed in the style of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Players are waiting for an open world, many dangers and incessant rainfall, which adds special charm to the toy. Play is for a brave girl named Lucy. Lucy is an experienced private detective who has long haunted a group of criminals. The heroine moves to a new city in order to escape from past failures and at least for a short time to live in peace, without shootings and ships.

More about the game

The first day in the city was promising: the girl met her neighbors, examined the apartment and was able to relax a bit. Only one thing confused her: the rain, which did not stop all day. When the heroine woke up in her new home, she went out into the street, but found no one. The city is literally empty! All people and signs of their existence disappeared, but terrible creatures appeared on the streets, ready to tear apart the main character.

The girl has to explore the city, destroy monsters and figure out what is happening here. If you want to find out what happened in this mysterious place, hurry up to download Rainy Night on your PC via torrent for free, Lucy needs your help!

Game process

The gameplay is similar to the last parts of Resident Evil. Before us is a third-person view, several cells in the inventory and freedom of action. Look for medicines and cartridges, solve puzzles, look for notes that bit by bit will help recreate the picture of what happened here. You will visit apartments, houses, offices, hospitals and municipal buildings. Darkness reigns everywhere and only a few lamps and candles will illuminate your path. Be on the lookout for monsters at any moment!


The atmosphere in the game is really creepy and scary. Not only are all the locations poorly lit, the atmosphere is still escalated by ambient songs that combine perfectly with the sound of continuous rain. Monsters behave in a smart way, they do not climb on the rampage, no, they wait for the heroine in the most unexpected places to attack from behind. If you like horror games, download the Rainy Night torrent on your PC!

Game features

Third-person view;
Limited amount of game resources. One must be economical;
Creepy atmosphere;
High-quality musical accompaniment;
An interesting plot and an unexpected ending.

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