Rain World

System requirements Rain World:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 – only for 64 bits!
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 Ghz


Rain World

The computer game Rain World is dedicated to weather conditions that have covered a fictional planet. It is constantly raining, everyone wants to sleep, and they are looking forward to good weather. Indeed, only in dry weather you can find food, and then again there will be a sleepy state. Of course, there is little pleasant here, but there is no choice. A game project refers to a platform game that resembles a 16-bit project. And not only in this is its originality. All game heroes are unusual. You will meet slug cats that look very cute.

More about the game

They are endowed with a special cunning, sneak and climb, often make attacks. You have to manage one such cat. For an interesting passage of the game, you can invite friends using the cooperative mode, designed for 4 people. We can say that the game is dedicated to loneliness, as well as the fact that no one can be trusted. Otherwise, the hunter himself will be at the site of the victim. You will have a resource limit, opponents are not as simple and stupid as they might seem. Stock up with patience and endurance, and only then you can win. The game has good animation, and managing the process is very easy. Download Rain World torrent on our website.

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