Rain Invasion

System requirements Rain Invasion

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10
Disk space: 300 MB



Rain Invasion

Today we bring to your attention a 2D arcade game Rain Invasion, which also contains elements of fantasy and quests. Many gamers will find this project uninteresting and banal, but if you look better, you can find many amazing things.

More about the game

The events in the Rain Invasion game take place on a planet called Gaia, it is quite similar to our planet. You will not find any innovative technologies, cars or gadgets here, but powerful mother nature reigns on this planet. It provides residents with everything necessary for survival and existence. Gaia is home to both peaceful creatures that consume plant foods, as well as predators ready to hunt the rest.


The most intelligent creatures on this planet are Vitu. This is a nation that comes from fallen leaves. These unique creatures live on trees, for one of which you will play. But as it turns out, the planet is in danger, so you must become the savior and liberator of all from the invasion of cruel monsters. Therefore, if you had a desire to help this planet, you first need to download the Rain Invasion torrent from the link and save the people of Vita.

The main character will be a young representative of the Vitu people. On one of the starry nights, a star fell from the sky and then the whole world plunged into darkness, and the sky was inhaled by thunderclouds. The sun was no longer showing due to the clouds, so there was neither light nor heat. Our heroine thought that a miracle happened at that moment, but after she realized all the danger that could destroy all life on the planet.

Game process

Regarding the gameplay of Rain Invasion, it is quite simple and straightforward: you have to overcome all obstacles, try not to get on monsters, collect bonuses and complete levels. More in the game there are gloomy locations with huge trees, there are also magical wastelands and labyrinths of stones. There is only an umbrella in your arsenal, but thanks to it you will not be able to fall into the abyss, you will be able to escape from the claws of a monster with it, and it will help you land when you fall from a height.

Game Features:

classic arcade project;
beautiful locations of dark shades;
only an umbrella from a weapon;
fascinating fantasy storyline.

On this page you can download the game Rain Invasion via torrent for free on PC.



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