RAID Shadow Legends

System requirements RAID Shadow Legends

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel or AMD
HDD: 5GB free space


RAID Shadow Legends

What is a RAID Shadow Legends game project? Now consider in more detail. According to the storyline, the kingdom of Telerius is threatened by the dark lord Sirota, who is approaching from the east. You need to find the Immortal keeper, having heard his call, and try to resist the dark lord. To save the kingdom you need a good army. To do this, recruit soldiers from both sides – light and dark.

More about the game

The game RAID Shadow Legends itself is made in the fantasy genre with RPG elements. You will fight in 16 game fractions, hundreds of other gamers will oppose you. You will lead your army, make different decisions, look for powerful artifacts, so that later you can arm your warriors with their help. You will also have to demonstrate mastery of the strategy to defeat all the leaders and destroy dragons and rivals in the PvP arena. You can team up with other players in a separate alliance to work together to resist other clans.

Each victory will reveal to you the history of the virtual world, allow you to learn more details about it and stop the threat that looms on Teleia. You will not only have to be a leader, you need to show tactical tricks and make the soldiers believe in you and follow. If you want to try your hand, then we recommend that you download the RAID Shadow Legends torrent on our online resource.

Intense PvP Arena

Challenge other players to battle in tougher arena battles. There can be only one winner. Create optimal teams that will be equally good in defense and in attack, this will allow you to confront other teams equally. For victories you will receive medals and bonus gifts, which only the winner can open access to.

Winning battles in the arena, you will progress in PvE campaigns, and battles in underground passages will allow you to combine the PvE and PvP game mechanism into a single whole. Victory in the arena allows you to win everywhere. Set leadership indicators in the ranking, earn bonus points, build a reputation for yourself. Impose serious competition and make your rivals respect you, increase your level in the arena and earn very valuable rewards. On our site you have the opportunity to download torrent RAID Shadow Legends for free.

Over 300 epic champions.

For the battle you will need to find yourself the most powerful warriors, they will help you in the confrontation with Orphan and other opponents. Only a well-assembled team can win. Make alliances with leaders of other groups to fight together against one enemy. Choose your warriors very carefully, because each of them will have their own characteristics and skills. For everyone who wants to play this epic game, we recommend that you visit our game resource and download the RAID Shadow Legends torrent there.

During the game, you can upgrade your character, improve characteristics and statistics. The map will allow you to navigate through all locations and determine the location of both your and the enemy. You will fight in the deserts, and in ancient temples, castles, and in many other places.

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