Racing the Gods – Beyond Horizons


System requirements Racing the Gods – Beyond Horizons

OS: Win 7
Processor: i5
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX600
Disk space: 5 GB
Sound card: No specific requirements.
Gamepad Support: Full

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Racing the Gods – Beyond Horizons

This is a racing simulator with action elements. This is the most epic competition of all time, which takes the player into an enchanting world. It is dominated by the gods, who intend to arrange a large-scale competition. But the prize here will not be a useless shiny award or a cup, but life itself. The future of millions of people depends on the outcome of the race. Before you start the engine of your hover bike and start, you need to download the Racing the Gods – Beyond Horizons torrent on your PC. Only after that the judges will start and send the participants to the track.

The concept and plot of the game

The gods of the galaxy have opened their invisible worlds to ordinary mortals. And this was not done by chance – the inhabitants of each planet must choose the best racer and send him to the largest competition in the history of the universe. They will pass along 20 different tracks, each of which is laid in a picturesque area. But impressive landscapes should not relax or confuse. It is important to forget about secondary things and get to the finish line before others by any means.


Your bike is equipped with weapons to help overcome any obstacles. But the main danger comes not from the relief of the world or grandiose structures, but from the Titans inhabiting it. These giants are capable of causing widespread destruction and preventing the completion of the competition. And if the racer loses, his planet will face imminent destruction.

The engines are warm, the rivals are ready, and the air is hot to the limit. Squeeze out the gas to the stop and go forward. It remains to download Racing the Gods – Beyond Horizons via torrent for free, install all available improvements on the car and try to save the lives of the inhabitants of your planet.

Game Features

Impressive design on every track
Various weapons
Bike customization
Single and multiplayer modes.

On this page you can download the game Racing the Gods – Beyond Horizons via torrent for free on PC.



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