R-Studio 8.16 and Portable


System requirements R-Studio 8.16 and Portable

Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 (32/64-bit)
Program Version: 1.53.1087
Interface language: English and others


R-Studio 8.16 and Portable

The concept of the fragility of electronic information still exists, as it has been instilled over the years. For a long time it was believed that in case of loss of personal data on media and PCs, it is impossible to recreate information. Thanks to today’s technology and such a program, these concerns can be left in the past, as the activation of R-Studio 8.16 and Portable is quick and easy.

More about the program

Created on the basis of modern methods of research and processing of materials, the R-STUDIO program is a real opportunity to return files to viewing and use on different file devices. The work of the discussed development is aimed at recovering lost resources from virtually all disks, and even after formatting the hard drive.

R-STUDIO works in two ways to restore data:

1. Research notifications on the carrier to find information about the current and past reference catalogs on the carrier and the revival of information units on such a basis.
Finding informative units by byte order specific to specific file types, such as jpeg, doc, and the like.
2. R-Studio 8.16 and Portable – the program is simple and convenient to use – to start recovering lost information, you need to activate the scanning process, and upon its completion, a list of files that can be recreated will be available for viewing. This stage directly depends on the amount of processed news. Another privilege of this utility is its potential to reconstruct information units damaged by virus attacks and PC malfunction. These moments are not always averted, and the losses are bitter. R-STUDIO creates images of virtual disks and records on familiar media.

The program consists of:

A full-fledged editor for materials on the media;
RAID reconstruction modules, built-in autodetection of RAID properties;
module for copying disks and generating their images;
See also S.M.A.R.T. for disks;
module for reconstructing notifications on local networks and the Internet;
an emergency version of R-STUDIO for recovering information from damaged PCs;
merge module with DeepSparDisk.

On this page you can download R-Studio 8.16 and Portable for free via torrent on your PC.



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