R-Studio 8.12 Build 175721

System requirements R-Studio 8.12 Build 175721

OS: Windows
Language: Multi + English
Size: 59 + 78 MB


R-Studio 8.12 Build 175721

It is generally accepted that all data on hard drives is the most expensive in a personal computer. This is difficult to argue, because many people store very important information on a computer, for example, some data from work, or photos that have been accumulating for more than one year. In general, to the fact that all this can be lost in one moment. Suppose a system picks up a virus that destroys all the data, or if you accidentally format the disk, in general, anything can happen. If you find yourself in this or a similar situation, you need the R-Studio 8.12 Build 175721 program. Its developers claim that it gives almost a 100% guarantee of information recovery. True, there is one condition, the main thing is that the data should not be erased using specialized software, otherwise it will simply be unrealistic to restore them, especially if low-level formatting is performed.

More about the program

The program can return data from almost any media, it does not matter whether it is a flash drive or a local drive of a personal computer. Information can be returned after a virus attack, system failure, banal deletion. Moreover, it can be returned even when the disk partitions were deleted or moved. R-Studio 8.12 Build 175721 allows you to create the so-called “image” of the disk, which can be used in the future to completely restore information. Interesting is that the program is able to work even with encrypted files.

Currently supported file systems are: HFS / HFS +, Little and Big Endian variants of UFS1 / UFS2 and Ext2FS / Ext3FS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5.

The entire contents of the disc can be edited in a hex editor. Each file found for recovery can be saved to any place on the computer, or on a network drive, if any. To start the process, it is enough to start the scanning process, after which you can see the list of available files for return in the R-Studio 8.12 Build 175721 program. The action itself will proceed quite quickly, but in general it all depends on the amount of information, the less it will end up faster , well, the more it is the slower.

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