Purrfect Date


System requirements Purrfect Date

OS: Windows 7.
Processor: Intel Celeron N2830 / Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 / Athlon 64 X2 TK-55 or equivilent.
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 / Nvidia GT 520.
Disk space: 1 GB.


Purrfect Date

Quite an unusual announcement took place quite recently, which affected the well-known Gabe Newell. An independent company called the developers decided to release a rather specific game called Purrfect Date, in which cats and humans take part. The gameplay consists in the fact that a person needs to meet with cats and carry out various assignments. the game itself does not cause much attention. But the developers decided to present their advertising in an original way.

More about the game

In their trailer, the developers played out a scene in which they shared with the head of Valve their interesting developments and an offer to support their game, to which Gabe replied that he was very busy developing Half-Life 3 and had no time to be distracted. At first it may seem absurd and funny, even Gabe in their video is not real, but his virtual interpretation. But the most interesting thing is that this feature worked and users began to actively vote for this game. In the first 12 hours, the project received 50% recognition, which means that the game is very popular.

Game features

You shouldn’t expect something grandiose from the game Purrfect Date, this is an ordinary familiar game, but the mood and originality of the developers should be appreciated, since they dared to take such an unusual step. Even the developers are already beginning to actively hint to Gabe that it is time to start developing a sequel to the most incredible game in the entire game history.

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