Project Witchstone

System requirements Project Witchstone

Operating system: Windows 7
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Project Witchstone

Project Witchstone is a colorful RPG with a beautiful living world that will change depending on the player’s actions. The usual “sandbox” will simulate non-standard situations in which the inhabitants of the world will be ready to break their throats for damage to property. If the player acts recklessly, then both citizens and other NPCs will take up arms against him. At the same time, good dexterity and ingenuity will allow you to set up any local resident for your own crime.

More about the game

The user can find a faction and lead it, or act as a spy, gradually undermining the authority of the local leader. Cunning and enterprise allow you to set one community against another and organize a real civil war. At the same time, gameplay implies development based on decisions already made in the past. All illegal actions by the character will be prosecuted. You cannot even climb into someone else’s home with impunity, because the relatives of the deceased or missing owner will suddenly appear. Intriguing? Then click Download Project Witchstone torrent for free and enjoy this non-standard RPG with brain food.

Game features

The developers have managed to implement a unique storytelling system as the game evolves, drawing attention to past decisions. Any act of violence will be investigated by law enforcement officers, illegal actions against members of the faction will lead to recoil, and an attempt to settle in someone else’s house will end in fiasco when the relatives of the already deceased (missing) owner come to visit.

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