Project Athia

System requirements Project Athia

OS: Windows 7 64 bit or higher
Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
Video card: AMD Radeon R9 270 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
Disk Space: 8 GB
DirectX: 11



Project Athia

When the world is in danger of destruction, measures must be taken very quickly and extremely decisively. Some turn into heroes, others use magical creatures, but the heroine of the presented game project Project Athia is simply filled with hatred for her opponents. They killed almost half of her people, and now the main desire for her is to take revenge painfully and painfully, so that more of these creatures were not on earth.

More about the game

The girl is very strong, confident and brave, so there is no doubt that she will succeed. And she also has original abilities – she can control natural phenomena and this will become her main weapon in the fight. It is also quite adroit, can easily move around rocky terrain, use airborne elements, etc. Opponents will definitely regret that they have stood in her way, because she is ready to kill them all.

Merciless extermination

It has already been said above that the main character is burning with a desire for revenge for the destruction of her own people. Later it turns out that not only small monsters were involved in this, but also really huge creatures, snakes, dragons, etc. But you are unlikely to be able to recognize them, because in appearance they are not what you are used to seeing them. There are many mutations in the body that distort the appearance, but add strength and power.

In order to destroy them, you will have to try very hard, teach how to manage your abilities and maximize the use of all power. Do not rush to act, it is better to think over further activities in order to achieve a victorious outcome. Therefore, if you are ready for such adventures, then follow the link to download the Project Athia torrent on our game portal.

Gloomy world

The presented game world is given completely into the power of the natural elements, so that it will be quite unexpected and gloomy. You are constantly being watched by some creatures, there is a possibility of falling into a trap, and as soon as you go into dark locations, you can see what kind of world this is. And such a discovery certainly will not please your hero. But the game is very interesting and we advise you not to waste time, but go to our website to download Project Athia torrent there for free.

Game Features

Find more free time to confront the monsters and achieve your goal. The fate of this world is in your hands and depends on decisions and activities. Take advantage of the power of nature itself, try not to fall under enemy attacks and actively use your abilities. You must avenge your people and kill those who dare to destroy it and destroy your world.

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