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Systems: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile
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PrivateVPN was launched in Sweden in 2009. Despite the fact that the company is not a direct market leader, it provides reliable and secure vpn services with excellent features. This vpn has its own high-speed servers in many countries. With their help, you can view any sites that are not available in a particular country. For example, blocked social networks or videos closed for viewing by any country. In addition, vpn allows you to download torrents without leaving any traces on the Internet. And now I present to your attention an overview of the VPN.

Personal data protection and more

First, a few words about Sweden, where the service is located. Because Sweden is a member of the so-called “alliance of 14 eyes”. These countries, by agreement, track and store all information about the activities of users on the network. Obviously, this is not very pleasing for those who are looking for anonymity and privacy on the Internet.


However, vpn PrivateVPN’s privacy policy is strictly enforced. Users can rest assured that their logs are NEVER saved. You can surf the Internet anonymously all the time. From any device, you can remain unidentified on the network, because the service has provided applications for all types of devices. You will find applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time, and everything is completely anonymous.

If you download vpn, you will have access to 80 servers in 82 countries of the world (Australia, UK, USA, Canada and others). With their help, you can bypass any local restrictions on viewing a particular content. And by connecting to the premium plan, you can watch videos in the highest quality and download torrents.

On this page you can download PrivateVPN torrent for free on your PC.



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