Primal Dominion


System requirements Primal Dominion

Windows 10.
Processor: Intel I7-6500.
30 GB HDD.
DirectX 11.
Keyboard, mouse

Primal Dominion

In this single-player shooter Primal Dominion, the player will face a world of wildlife, where dinosaurs and other unfriendly creatures will certainly want to finish him off. The action takes place in the amusement park on Baru, where rides with dinosaurs were organized for tourists. At first everything went well, but at some point the organizers lost control of their brainchild. And all the terrible creatures hiding behind the bars broke free, causing real chaos on the territory of the park.

More about the game

The Primal Dominion player finds himself in the thick of things: you have to try to save the situation and restore order. Of course, in the midst of huge predatory creatures it will not be easy, because there is nowhere to wait for help. Your task will be to survive and move through the park to various important sites. Dinosaurs will try to stop you, because they are hungry and will gladly bite the nimble little man with his rifle … and they are also much smarter than you think.

Features of the game

A large map with many interesting locations and thematic zones that you can freely navigate;
different types of dinosaurs with unique characteristics are presented;
antagonists are controlled by artificial intelligence, so dinosaurs can flock and plan an attack on you;
there are reservoirs in which you will be met by no less ferocious waterfowl predators;
as you progress through the game you will need to complete missions, solve riddles and puzzles.

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