Power WarThe First Men

System requirements Power WarThe First Men

OS: Windows 8
Processor: Intel Quad Core
Video Card: Nvidia Gtx 660 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Disk Space: 13 GB


Power WarThe First Men

Power WarThe First Men is a first-person multiplayer game that will give a unique experience to all fans of the shooter genre. The main character has superpowers, this is a kind of “Superman” with skills that are rarely seen in other games. His abilities related to weapons and melee strikes allow the player to move freely around the map, and with the help of squats and crawls he can get into even the most inaccessible areas. In Early Access Power War The First Men there are two game modes: single and team (battle against all and team battle). In team mode, players are divided into two sides (Zakl and Katana) with the same skills, but with different costumes. The player can choose the preferred type of weapon. For example, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle or machine guns.

In a multiplayer first-person shooter called Power WarThe First Men, you have to turn into the main character with impressive superpowers. Most of these abilities are somehow related to various types of combat, from contact martial arts to sniper shooting and the use of a variety of rocket launchers. In addition, the skills of the protagonist allow him to secretly move around, scout territory, and so on.

To date, the game Power WarThe First Men, the torrent of which we offer on our website, is already available in early access with two possible modes. The first mode is a single battle, in which you each fight for himself. The second is a team battle, where you need to fight as part of one of the teams. There are two teams in total – Katana and Zakll, differing in costumes, but the skills and abilities of all are the same. You just have to choose the most suitable weapon for yourself and go into battle.

More about the game

Although weapons vary in damage, headshots (headshots) bring the enemy a guaranteed death. Otherwise, the damage directly depends on the weapon, as well as on what part of the body it hits. In addition to firearms, you can equip your hero with anti-personnel, blinding and smoke grenades, special EMR grenades that can instantly cut down all the electronics in range, mines, and so on. The game has a large selection of additional equipment designed to improve your weapons, ranging from a conventional silencer and ending with a sniper scope and thermal imager. As for weapons and equipment, then all the players are put in almost equal conditions, but you can get an advantage with the help of your character’s skills, which can be pumped and developed. These skills allow you to use heavier armor, move faster and shoot more accurately, receive reduced damage and so on.

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