Post Human W.A.R


System requirements Post Human W.A.R

OS: Windows 7+
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: 4000 MB RAM
Network: Broadband internet connection
Disk space: 750 MB


300x106 - Post Human W.A.R1 300x106 - Post Human W.A.R2 300x106 - Post Human W.A.R3 300x106 - Post Human W.A.R

Post Human W.A.R

Turn-based battles and fairy-tale worlds have become quite popular and interesting lately, so do not forget to look into them. For example, we offer you a game called Post Human W.A.R, which will send you to the distant future, where many different creatures have appeared and interesting changes in the world. Now you have to learn not only new laws of life and technology, but also try to use all your new opportunities correctly. But do not relax, as the main entertainment of this world is the battles in the tactical mode, using various creatures, robots and champions.

More about the game

As a pioneer in this world, you have to try to build your own army, which will surely lead you to victory. But do not relax, as you will have to show all your tactical superiority and try to use your squad correctly. The fact is that if your squad dies, then it can no longer be returned, and if a champion dies, then another similar one cannot be found.

Game features

Therefore, if you are ready to manipulate consciousness, try to think over your every step and just try to achieve success, then we suggest you simply download Post Human W.A.R via torrent for free. Now you will become the arbiter of your own destiny and you will have to try to reach the very end, but you should not relax, since the combat system of the game and the knowledge of the positive and negative sides of each member of the squad will become a decisive factor in your further success.

On this page you can download the game Post Human W.A.R torrent free on a PC.



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