Possession 1881

System requirements Possession 1881:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Pentium 4 or better
Video Card: ATI FirePro V7800 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 4 GB



Possession 1881

The unconditional power of religion cannot last forever, even if it seems at first glance unshakable and stable. It is this that becomes the reason that great people from the religious environment succumb to despair and leave this world earlier than it should be. This time in the game Possession 1881 you try on the role of a student of the Pope himself, who now has absolutely no one to support. He only wants to avenge his own religion.

More about the game

You propose a plan that is able to regain power and influence. However. It will be extremely difficult to bring it to life because the base foundation is completely destroyed. Therefore, you have to make concessions, deal with conscience and violate quite a few prohibitions, while opening up something completely unknown and terrible. Such a decisive step will be turning to the scientific sphere and occultism, although religion is an ardent opponent of everything that is professed in these areas. But only this will help you revive the power of religion.

Difficult element

You already understood that it will be very difficult to control such a powerful element. You will have to find all the information, read a huge number of treatises, books that will help you find the necessary knowledge. But to start an active gameplay you will have to visit our online portal and download the Possession 1881 torrent there for free. You will definitely like this adventure, although it will be rather gloomy, dangerous and completely unforeseen. But only after you complete all the tasks, you can talk about the return of former strength to religion.

Incredible puzzles

Also, one more feature of the presented game project should be noted. You can achieve a positive outcome if you correctly solve all kinds of puzzles. Therefore, throughout the gameplay you will have to be as attentive and concentrated as possible, try to find all the objects and use them favorably. So you can evenly open new levels. All this will be available to you only after you decide to download the Possession 1881 torrent on our Internet resource. You can discover a completely different world. During the game, you will demonstrate your knowledge, try to avoid tracking, and act actively. It will be difficult to achieve the desired effect in the game, because occultism has many dark sides that carry danger.

Game features

And the main question: are you ready to do all this for the sake of returning the former power of religion? Ready to join the battle with numerous opponents? If the answer is yes, then start playing right now. This adventure will require not only your willingness to take risks, but also quickly seek a way out in difficult conditions. Whether you can accomplish all this is up to you. We wish you good luck and a good game!

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