Portal 2

System requirements Portal 2

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core (3 GHz) / AMD64X2
Video card: NVIDIA 8800 / ATI 2600 (512 MB, Shader 3.0)
Disk space: 13 GB


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Portal 2

The plot in the game Portal 2 – this is not the component of this game, for which gamers from all over the world fell in love with it. Today, this project of Valve is considered the benchmark of the genre among three-dimensional graphic puzzles. What is surprising and amazing, the game poses one single task for the user: get there. Nor does she even hint at how to do this, which makes it difficult.

Humor is a second aspect that is as good as local puzzles. GladOS artificial intelligence constantly jokes, and its jokes are mostly ironic and to some extent “black”. That only is the episode where Glados congratulates the main character Chell happy birthday and gives her a cube with a heart, which later almost became a symbol of the game.

Of course, the main feature of the gameplay is the ability to manipulate space through the “portal gun”. On one button of the mouse you open the blue entrance, on the second – the yellow exit. With the help of the portal gun absolutely all local puzzles are solved. As one proceeds, such things as repulsive gel and accelerating fluid are wedged into the gameplay. Most importantly, everything in the game lends itself to the real laws of physics. Also, a local cooperative for two was added to Portal 2, where two fancy robots Atlas and Pi-Bodie, interacting with each other, do exactly the same thing as the protagonist in the solo campaign.



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