Population Zero

System requirements Population Zero

Operating System: Windows 7 | 64-bit OS.
Processor: Intel i5 | 2.4GHz +
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB) or AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB)
RAM (GB): 4.0.


Population Zero

For gamers who are currently choosing for themselves an interesting and exciting game project, we suggest downloading Population Zero via torrent from our portal. Here is an interesting adventure that involves an active game in multiplayer mode. You have to control the astronaut, who goes to a new planet to explore it and conquer. It is very similar to our planet Earth, and this causes some suspicion. The first research results showed that the planet is suitable for living, but you need to make a lot of effort to find and apply resources. Engage in craft, engage in battles with monsters who are hostile and ready to destroy you. To make the game more interesting, a gamer can join forces with other users.

More about the game

Act in the game Population Zero to be from the 3rd person, and all events will occur in real time. That is, you become a participant in a typical role-playing game, but the setting in it is dedicated to space adventures. The developers have worked hard to create an original and unusual environment, filling it with blasters, futuristic buildings, vehicles that look like animals, and other elements. This game will allow you to show survival skills, and at the same time give indescribable emotions and immense pleasure.

Game features

Social formation and clans in the game Population Zero deserve special attention. Interacting with other users in a new planet, players have to independently build relationships with each other and seek a compromise that suits everyone. You will have no time to be bored in this multiplayer game, so get ready for an active and dynamic gameplay. An unusual setting will delight even the most experienced players. The creators have provided various opportunities for the game, endowing it with interesting chips. In addition, the creators do not plan to stop improving their game, which means that it will be constantly updated. Have fun and an interesting game!

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